Give the LUV!

Luv Ur Locker is proud to team up with Kids Wish Network, a non- for profit organization 501(c)(3), to give Luv Ur Locker products to deserving children, tweens and teens that are suffering from challenges like life-threatening diseases, poverty and homelessness.

To kick off the partnership, Luv Ur Locker donated over $7,000 of Rockin' Disco Balls to be distributed.

You can help "Give the LUV" by ordering a special "Kids Wish Locker Pak" that includes a LUL Wallpaper and Rockin' Disco Ball.  The Locker Paks will be shipped to Kids Wish Network to distribute to deserving kids around the country.

Here's how you buy in two easy steps: 

1.  Click here to go to the online store and choose wallpaper/disco ball paks.

2.  In the checkout, enter "Kids Wish" in the promotion code.  This will provide a Kids Wish discount and designate the purchase to be shipped to Kids Wish.

Luv Ur Locker and Kids Wish thank you for helping to bring some LUV to Kids Wish!!!

For more information on the Kids Wish Network and how you can make a difference in the lives of kids around the world, visit their website at: