Mini Cheer / Dance/ Sports Magnets

Mini Magnets for Cheer, Dance and Sports
  • Metal Magnets allow you to truly customize your LUL locker 
  • All of our magnetic metal is cut here in the USA
  • Painted right here in Texas
  • Glitter finish to really make them shine 
  • Super strong neodymium magnets to keep all of your metal accessories in place
  • LUL Dancer Silhouette magnets are approx 1" and are available in Black ($6.00)
  • LUL Mini Megaphones are available in Black, Turquoise Blue, Lime Green, Bright Pink and Purple and are approximately 1.5" ($6.50)
  • LUL Mini Sports Ball Magnets are approx. 2.5" in diameter ($7.00)

Mini Cheer / Dance / Sports Magnets

Mini Megaphone - Black
Mini Megaphone - Bright Pink
Mini Megaphone - Lime Green
Mini Megaphone - Purple
Mini Megaphone - Turquoise Blue
Dance Jump Silhouette
Dance Split Silhouette
Dance Tutu Silhouette
Mini sports ball magnets - basketball
Mini sports ball magnets - soccer
Mini sports ball magnets - softball - white
Mini sports ball magnets - volleyball

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